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100% recommend, they are professional and were a great help. Thank you, your service is greatly appreciated.

Aurora V
Anthony Adornetto is the Bail Bonds man you wanna get your hands on if you're locked up! Thank you so much for helping me and my family out!
Bryan C
If I could give Anthony 6 stars I would! This was my first time being in this position and I'm glad I called him. He was friendly, very informative and fast. I was booked at 10:pm and home by 1am. He was also very informative explaining my rights! No need to call anyone else!
Jose G
Anthony who was our bail bondsman was probably the most professional, patient and helpful working professional I had ever had the pleasure of getting help from. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of help.
Bradly P
I contacted Anthony and he was quick at finding the people and resources I needed to get me out really fast. He shows interest and concern for my well being and that's why I give AA Bail Bonds 5 Stars, two thumbs up, and a huge smile. Thank You Anthony!!!!!
Adam L
This was my first trip to jail, hopefully my last, and Anthony was very helpful. He answered all of my questions, provided the time for me to ask them, and was able to recommend several attorneys. I am glad I saw their name and number in that cell.
Gabriel W
Anthony is knowledgeable and compassionate, both important in selecting a bail agent! I am a defense attorney and have dealt with many bail companies. A personal touch as well as familiarity with the local law enforcement practices and procedures is very helpful.
Nicholas L
We need more people like Mr. Anthony Adornetto. He is truly a lifesaver. He went above and beyond to accommodate us in time of need. He is extremely understanding and exemplary.
Elda C.